Traveling Asia – Sparkling Chanthaburi attracts visitors

Travel Asia – Just a few hours away from Bangkok, very close to the Cambodian border, Chanthaburi has become a destination for many international visitors. The provincial capital of the same name in the southeastern part of Thailand will be more active in the days of the World Gemstone Exhibition 2013.

Chanthaburi city at sunset
Perhaps it is not wrong to say that in the days of December 6-15, Chanthaburi city will be a gathering place for jewelers, traders, brokers, collectors and jewelers drawn from all over world.

Because it is not today, this sparsely populated city (no more than 30,000 people, including an overseas Vietnamese community) with outstanding architecture is the Basilica of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception, known as the Cong The largest religion in Thailand, has been assigned the nickname “The Kingdom of Gem”.

From the fourteenth to fifteenth centuries, Chanthaburi was mentioned as a place with beautiful mines of sapphire and topaz, and especially “Siam Ruby”, which means Thai rubies are big in size. , both very shimmering and beautiful. The upcoming exhibition will be attended by more than 100 specialized businesses, together with art performances of gemstones, jewelers, prize-winning quiz …

In addition, there are also Thai beauties who appear as ambassadors to advertise and perform jewelry and gems crafted by Thai artists. They are Ms. Sririta Jensen a famous model of Thai fashion industry and the reigning Miss Thailand 2013 and two runner-up.

There have been quite a number of tourists coming to Chanthaburi to visit and find rare gems. Statistics show that in 2012, the city received nearly 1.6 million visitors, an increase of 2.67% compared to 2011. The central market has enough shops and stalls to sell all kinds of stones. quarter and also stores that specialize in guiding visitors on how to polish and attach newly purchased gems to rings, strings, rings …

Another goal of the Organizing Committee is to encourage local traders, artisans and gem operators to “reach out” to both enrich the goldsmith manufacturing techniques to expand the market. around the world. Particularly, the space for the event of World Gems Show 2013 will become an attractive destination for international visitors.

Located close to the Cambodian border, where Pailin is a famous gem address, Chanthaburi has been developed by the Thai Government into a key city on the Asian Highway that extends to southern Cambodia. There will also be a special economic zone, which will help Thailand integrate into the ASEAN Economic Community to be formed from the end of 2015.

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