Travel in Asia – Peace in Krabi

Traveling to Asia – When you come to Thailand if you have enjoyed shopping, enjoying the temples or enjoying the entertainment, why don’t you make a trip to the beach? Try once to visit Krabi Province in Thailand’s southern coast, you will be really impressed!

Thailand is also famous for its long white sand beaches

It takes just over an hour to fly from the capital, Bangkok, to Krabi on the first day of spring with the sunshine in the middle of the stream of people rushing to stay in this city. The wind rushed from the sea, bringing with it the warmth of the blue-green warm sea.

I went straight to Ao Nang, the focus of most tourists coming to Krabi. Not as crowded as Phuket, not as expensive as Koh Samui, it doesn’t take long to arrive like Koh Tao … this is a quiet place suitable for those who want to find their own space, beach. dreaming, islands with clear blue waters, diving areas with rising fish and countless places to experience.

In Thai, “Ao” means “bay”, the full name of Ao Nang is Ao Phra Nang meaning Princess Bay. Ao Nang gives me an impression right from the moment I set foot here, a small town but always bustling with tourists. After checking in at a small resort about 10 minutes walk from the center of Ao Nang, I decided to walk to the sea to watch the sunrise.

Along the sea are shops, restaurants, bars with rows of pure white stone benches under the foliage of cool trees, such as graciously inviting tourists to stop and take a rest and watch the boats. Wood is floating on the sea. Blue sea blue, shining under the sunlight of the afternoon makes the scenery more romantic.

The next day I bought a train ticket to the island. I choose Koh Hong island – the island has a lot of feelings of visitors. Climbing the long tail boat powered by a machine – the main means of transportation here, I started the journey to explore the island. The coast is quiet, the waves gently patter on the side of the boat.

After nearly 45 minutes on the boat, Koh Hong appeared before my eyes. The boat landed in the dock, I was surprised to get lost in another place! The beauty of the island is a harmonious combination of jade green and the bright yellow of the sun. The colors embrace the large and unspoiled space, covering every tree, the leaves make the scene become radiant.

Blue sea is clear with fish swimming. When I was tired of immersing myself in sea water, I lay on the white sandy beach enjoying the rare moments of relaxation that I rarely get in urban areas. And I know that there will be a day to come back …

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