Travel Canada – Take a boat on Lake Maligne

Travel Canada – The lakes in the rocky mountains of Canada are always famous in the world because of the beautiful nature and the clear blue water, is the ideal home of the big trout.
One of them is Lake Maligne – the largest rock lake in Alberta in particular and Canada in general. Lake Maligne is a very famous lake in Jasper National Park, in Alberta, Canada. The lake is located about 44 km south of Jasper town. Maligne Lake is about 22.5 km wide. The average depth of the lake is about 35m and its deepest point reaches 97m. The lake is above sea level of 1,670 m.

The amount of water in the lake is always supplemented by the river named Maligne River. The river is entered into the lake from the south and exits the lake at the northern end. Just like the Maligne rivers, Mount Maligne and Maligne slit are all derived from the French language representing ferocity. This name was soon used by middlemen to describe the strong and violent water at the interchange of the Maligne and Athabasca rivers at the northern end of the lake.

With fresh conditions, this place is home to large trout of salmon. The largest Alberta salmon ever recorded is also caught by fishermen in the lake. In addition to salmon, natural and wildlife vegetation surrounding the lake is also very rich. Grizzly bears, black bears, black mules, reindeer, wolves, North American elk, mountain sheep are the mammals that regularly appear in the lake in the summer. For birds that can include white eagles, golden eagles, sea eagles … often appear with a rich source of salmon food in the lake.

In addition to fishing trips, this is an attractive and ideal point for cruises and climbing. The cruise to Tien Island in the lake is one of the most popular journeys when visiting Jasper Park. The island is also one of the most sought-after places in Canada and it has also appeared in many films.

In addition to admiring the beautiful view of the lake during the day, visitors who have little time for the journey should also try the feeling of experiencing a night by the lake. The night scene with the gloomy spaces of the night unfolds like endless, the silence and the howls of wolves go to feed to make people excited and shudder. In that scene, sitting together with the fire, enjoying grilled salmon and hot coffee is an interesting thing.

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