Travel America – Journey to visit Hollywood stars

Travel America – With only 2 hours and the equivalent of 800,000 VND, the bus will take you through more than 40 luxurious villas whose owners are the famous Hollywood stars.

Beverly Hills is located in western Los Angeles (California, USA), just a few minutes drive from Hollywood. This small city has an area of ​​about 15 square kilometers but is the most expensive housing market in the US with an average price of more than 2.2 million USD (equivalent to 47 billion VND). It is famous for its high-class shopping, the most luxurious restaurants and villas of famous movie stars.

Beverly Hills view
Tour of the 2-hour star house by bus is the most attractive program here. Under the witty and enthusiastic introduction of the guides, you will gradually admire the mansion of Hollywood stars like David-Victoria Beckham, Tom Cruise, Thanh Long, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera …

2 hours of Beverly Hills sightseeing by bus.
The world’s most expensive and luxurious shopping mall is located along Rodeo Drive (in the center of the “Golden Triangle” – created by three Canon Drive, Santa Monica, and Wilshire avenues) where a series of top supercars adjacent beans. This area includes many of the world-famous luxury brands. Especially there is a Cupcake Sprinkles bakery that Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Paris Hilton, … frequented.

Enjoy the delicious Sprinkles Cupcake cakes – desserts are always available at Oscars.

Hoan My Tourism customers at Rodeo Drive
The journey to explore the affordable series of Hollywood stars from 1935 has become a tradition for travelers to Beverly Hills, promising to please the amateur paparazzi throughout the trip.

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