Travel America – Attractive things in Los Angeles – “City of angels”

American tourism – Los Angeles is one of the lavish destinations, the “magnet bar” attracts the world’s number one visitors.

In Spanish, Los Angeles means “city of angels”, the capital of business, film industry, luxury fashion.

The most popular destination in Los Angeles, America is the Hollywood hill with proud white words that are far away from visitors. The symbol of this city was born in 1923 and has always attracted a lot of movie lovers. To take a closer look at this symbol, you have to climb the mountain along the Hollyridge route.

In honor of world-famous artists, the American Film Institute has turned Hollywood avenue into a Hollywood Walk of Fame. Here, every famous artist with many achievements will be named on a star, mounted on the road. So far, there are 2,500 stars mounted on the road and an average of 2 new stars every month.

Santa Monica Pier is the oldest amusement park in Los Angeles, dating back to 1909. Initially, it was the city’s wastewater treatment facility. By 1916, the new amusement park was born and by 1920, the wastewater treatment area had completely disappeared.

Referring to Los Angeles is mentioning luxury and luxury. Don’t miss Beverly Hills, the neighborhood where many movie stars and music live and often stop by for shopping, walking around. It’s no wonder if you come across them walking here. If you’re a shopping fan, don’t forget to stop by Rodeo Drive to finish your shopping bags.

Not only is the cinema honoring movies, but Los Angeles also owns the famous art museums, but the most famous is also the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Here, visitors can admire both classic artworks and contemporary visual works.

Can’t mention Los Angeles but ignore Walt Disney. Not far from Los Angeles is Disneyland, an interesting destination for children and young poets.

Are you fed up with America’s greasy food? Visit the Korean Quarter (Koreatown) here to enjoy the elegant cuisine in many Korean restaurants here.

Los Angeles is famous as a modern city with sparkling electric lights at night. To admire the panoramic view of the shimmering city, look to Griffith Observatory. Here, you can also admire the solar system through a telescope.

If you love nature and want to spend hours “playing” on the beach, head to Venice beach. It used to be a paradise of young people in the 50s and 60s and is still very impressed with young wandering artists and famous stars.

The destination of the ideal journey to Los Angeles is the Universal School film, where you can register for sightseeing tours for the blockbusters in the world.

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