Tourism Peru – Machu Picchu, the secret is still secret

Peru Travel – It takes 28 hours to pack pillows on the plane from Ho Chi Minh City, transiting two new places to New York’s Kennedy International Airport; then from here to Jorge Chaves – Lima, Peru, to discover the ancient city of thousands of Inca …

From Lima to Cusco it takes just over 45 minutes to fly. Poor tourists, I met in the hotel last night in Lima by bus, heard that it took 22 hours to catch up with us. Four camels do not hump up their backs full of sleeping tents, luggage and waiters waiting outside the airport. The Scout praised us as brave people, who later understood, just bought a train ticket to Aguas Calientes and then took a bus less than 30 minutes to reach the destination. But my friend West, André re-adventured according to the Inca Trail Hiking trail took five days.

In fact, not many people choose this journey, André must register for a long time and hire a good Scout to be accepted to buy tickets in this direction.

Magnificent palaces of the Incas

Happy with the scenery on the side of the road that made me exhausted, majestic mountains and forests, many sections of luxuriant trees were so dark and cool. The higher and higher, from the Andes look down into the deep, deep green valleys, each winding staircase is beautiful, and the wacky llama of grazing, the Quechua women of Inca indigenous people in Cusco ride the car. fresh, colorful brocade yarn. The Quechua people eat just like the André donated me, the floral robe, the wide-brimmed hat.

Cusco’s climate is strange, hot and sunny on the day, but the night is cold. The cooler, the more interesting it is to sit by the flaming fire and smell the roasted lamb scent, potatoes buried in ash, looking up at the starry sky. The cup of a belly filled with a warm tent, a quiet space, a peaceful and peaceful sleep. The bird’s nest along the cliffs is countless, and the red and blue feathers are so blue and purple that they keep flying. Orchid is fragrant and fragrant forest, lurking around the ancient stems of green moss.

We ran out along the rugged, clear Urubamba River to climb the ancient Kusichaca ramp, visit the hospitable Wayllabamba village to take a bath, get more food. I also had an old, thick, llama fur coat from the old man, Fauacuaipa, with a deliciously crispy bag of corn tortillas. Through the lonely and barren road, Warmiwuañusca Abra grows all kinds of grass littered with dust like the gleaming golden hair in the wind.

Sliding down the valley of Pacaymayo, conquer Abra de Runkurakay mountain and see the ruins of Runkurakay – the bow of oval stone with four doors inside, probably the ancient Inca worship place. Stop at the walls of Phuyupatamarca algae with velvet mats. When I arrived at the Wiñaywayna stone steps, hundreds of steps above the ridge leading up to an ancient irrigation work, I was surprised, how could the Incas of the past be able to make these? Giant works like that. The admiration increased in the last part from the high Gate of the Sun and looked down at the magnificent, magnificent electricity under the dawn. The way Wayna Picchu tops the shade makes the architectural work as beautiful as radiance.

Machu Picchu City (Co Son) until now is not sure when to appear. According to the Inca empire legend, thousands of years ago, the city was extremely prosperous and wealthy. It was built in about 1440 to serve as a resort for aristocrats. When the Spanish army overran Peru, the Incas were almost completely annihilated, with only a small group retreating to this city and other remote areas to take refuge.

Tourists of Hoan My DL take photos with Inca Women and children

Machu Picchu is full of stones, polished smooth heavy stones with tons of elaborate designs, especially without using any mortar that adheres tightly to each other so much that it is impossible to get a blade. What strength helps people lift this million tons of stones? It was the archaeologists who still gave up this secret.

The ancestors of the Incas were so high that they made a water system from the nearby stream of every house and mansion. The tiny streams of water erupted from every spectacularly spectacular stone wall. The noble tower, the prince’s palace, the temple of the Sun, the servant’s residence … there was no bit of metal or wood, just pure stone, great stone. The solar clock only has a rock like a finger pointing to the sky with profound meaning: “Keep time forever”, the most admired visitors. The room with three windows lined up to stand in the middle of the stone windows took pictures continuously. As I walked on the Inca Bridge to the west of Machu Picchu, I flinched as I looked down at the depth of more than two thousand meters below.

Climb up to the highest point of Wayna Picchu and look down at Machu Picchu city, watch nostalgic and still not bored, why the monumental, why coincide with the message of infatuation. The Incas were thousands of years ago, by how to build this masterpiece, but the modern technology is not sure to make it? That secret is forever a secret!

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