Philippine Tourism – Great Summer Days in Boracay

Philippine Tourism – After finding cheap tickets for almost a year for the Philippines tour, what we do next is … forget it because there is so much waiting time. A few months later, we began to “book” the hotel for the points I was going to and continued to force me to forget that information. Before departing about a month many people started to find information about dust tourism in the Philippines but failed, perhaps due to hangover looking forward to …

Think about the trip all the time, but then we are disappointed with what we first approached your country border. Naia International Airport is small and cumbersome.

The capital of Manila is crowded with highways, occupying the entire space. Manila Bay cannot match Nha Trang Bay or Ha Long Bay, although hundreds of luxury yachts with white beans erase an area.

Fortunately, the domestic flight to Boracay has helped guests quickly forget the initial impressions. When the plane was not able to land on the Caticlan airport, it saw a blue color of the vast ocean, of the mountains and forests.

The scene that unfolds a Boracay island belief below will bring about wonderful summer days. Simply because it is one of the 7,107 islands of the Philippines and although the smallest but most famous is the most beautiful.

Puka Beach – One of Boracay’s most peaceful beaches
The length was only about seven kilometers, and the narrowest was horizontal for less than a kilometer, yet Boracay was always named in the list of the most beautiful and charming islands in the world. Even on websites and travel guides did not hesitate to affirm Boracay is the point that international tourists must visit once in their lives.

Exciting Boracay

The main area of ​​the island is White Beach, divided into Station 1, Station 2 and Station 3, in which Station 2 is located in the center, so many tourists choose to stay. At that time, we chose a small resort hidden behind the shady coconut trees with a view of the sea.

Around the restaurant bustling with every style. Next are the other resorts that continue, the shops selling souvenirs are rich and colorful.

Souvenirs in Boracay are very rich in style and very affordable
Having arrived in Boracay, even though I went alone, I was not afraid of sadness and did not worry about the time being wasted because the atmosphere was always crowded, bustling even though the midday sun was warm or the night was cool. Any visitor can choose a suitable sea game because he is always ready for entertainment services from gentle to very powerful.

After researching and consulting the price of several places, we decided to choose a scuba diving service for 3,000 pesos (equivalent to about 1.5 million VND) at a reputable service center.

Until now, we still do not believe that an average-level swimmer can dive to the bottom of the ocean to see all kinds of coral reefs and delight in swimming with colorful Nemo fishes. color.

Watching the sunset on a sailboat are experiences not to be missed
After a day of exploring the ocean, some of our friends invited each other to hire a yacht to go to the beach and watch the sunset. We lay neatly on the net that was firmly planted on the sides of the boat to feel the cold air coming from the sea and released into the sky.

A silvery golden color of the sea of ​​Boracay covered a region. Boracay Sunset is captivating and we wonder if it is a heavenly paradise.

Perform fire dance at night at White Beach
By the time the colorful lights were shining brightly on the island, it was time for the vitality of Boracay to flourish. The restaurant with a full range of fresh seafood and unique dishes prepared aromatic.

Observe the souvenir shops with all kinds of eye-catching goods. Flashmob performances or fire dance takes place right by the beach, but perhaps the most charismatic are bars with live music programs “excellent”.

We stop at a seafood restaurant and enjoy an extremely delicious barbecue with enough fish, shrimp, squid, crab … If you want to have ingredients according to your preferences, you just need to go to the market. choose products and bring them to any restaurant. After only a few minutes, a great seafood party is served at very affordable prices.

It was interesting to enjoy dinner, swaying to the music and vocals of the native singers. The Philippines is a country that is famous for its musical talents, in which many singers and musicians are successful in practice.

Peaceful corner

The next day, we rented a tricycle to Mount Tulo. From Boracay’s highest peak, the view is far away, only a vast green color of the grass covered the island.

It is said that the Boracay government limits the construction of high-rise islands not so much as the surrounding trees, so it still retains the lush green coconut trees, majestic primeval forests to help the climate of Cool year-round island.
Guests join the swinging game from the top of Mount Tulo
From the top of the mountain, along the concrete road, the two sides are villas built nicely mixed with forest trees and accidentally discovered a local beach. Here, everything seems very gentle and peaceful.

The far side, the coconut trees tilted to the sea, the shops were smaller and more rustic and romantic as the sails gently floated on the cloudy blue sea. All are peaceful and extraordinarily strange.

Visiting a bar to drink water, we were surprised to know that the shopkeeper is the only person on the island who has a deep understanding of Vietnam. She talks about the places of Hanoi, Saigon, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc …

When asking about the restaurant for lunch, she is willing to accept the service at a reasonable price and cook deliciously in the local style. Lunch is served right on the bar and is just less than a sea of ​​hands with dishes worth the money.

In the midst of a fairy scene with a mountain on one side, a sea on the other, far away are white sails, we have forgotten all of the everyday life and felt wonderful things before coming here. I can’t imagine it.

After four nights in Boracay, bye bye this island to return to Manila, we were personally sent off by the resort owner with an invitation to return the following summer. The affable and hospitable attitude of the islanders helps to see why Boracay tourism is so attractive.

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