New Zealand tourism – New Zealand climate – Unique and unusual features

If you ever once set foot in this beautiful New Zealand, this famous and peaceful place. You will surely be surprised and excited when you know that this region has 3 climatic regions. It will be an interesting experience to enjoy Christmas in the middle of summer, while winter falls around June and July.

New Zealand climate changes four seasons

New Zealand is a land located in the Southwest Pacific. The land of this kiwi is made up of the North Island, the South Island and a small island range, so New Zealand is considered a three-region climate zone.
New Zealand’s climate is a temperate climate of the sea

North Island has a mild climate and warm, almost subtropical climate. In the summer, it is about 21 ° C, about 11 ° C in winter. The average annual rainfall in the North Island ranges from 125 cm to 150 cm, and in the West receives more rain than the East.

South Island is colder, the average temperature in summer is 15 ° C and winter is 6 ° C, the rainfall is also larger than that of the North Island due to the influence of the Southern Alps.

Spring in New Zealand

Spring in New Zealand falls between September and November. This is a time of warm, fresh climate. In this season, New Zealand people, often organize fun sessions, sports activities, outdoor picnic

Spring is the gathering season for New Zealand students. They often meet at the park, talk, interact and organize games: swimming, sailing, climbing, …

Summer in New Zealand

Summer in New Zealand lasts from December last year to February next year. Summer has an average temperature of about 15 ° C – 250C warm and dry weather. New Zealand’s climate this time is not too favorable for the fun and entertainment activities of the summer days of the people. However, summer is also the season of many big storms in the year. These storms formed inland in the afternoon, when the ground temperature reached the highest level of the day.

Summer is also the Christmas season in New Zealand. Arriving in New Zealand at this time, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a unique Christmas with a unique in this country, with images of Santa Claus in speesos clothes wearing sandals and sunglasses. on the beach. More specifically, you can see how many cool old men surfing on the beach.

Autumn in New Zealand

There is a special thing when visiting New Zealand in the fall (from March to May), never leave a beautiful autumn on the New Zealand mountains. In autumn, leaves in New Zealand change color to create a beautiful landscape picture only in this region.

Autumn is also the season for many New Zealand families to camp on the mountain to enjoy the scenery and enjoy the beautiful nature.

Winter in New Zealand

In the winter from June to August, the New Zealand climate is cold and dry; majestic peaks covered with white snow.

Winter is also a season where there are swirling areas against the fog. This fog can drop to less than 0 ° C, causing cold sheep to lie down on the ground, and rabbits numb both ears. However, sports activities such as skiing, ice skating in this season are more frequent and frantic, making the New Zealand winter not gloomy and boring but very lively and exciting.

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