New Zealand tourism – 8 reasons you should visit New Zealand this summer

Romance with the snowy summer space, get lost in the fairytale with the village of the hobbit, or challenge yourself to bungy is the only experience available in New Zealand.
Here are 8 reasons to convince you to come to New Zealand this summer.

Snow falls in the middle of summer

While Vietnam is entering hot summer days, in New Zealand, people enjoy participating in skiing and climbing activities in the cool winter weather. In New Zealand, winter starts from June to August, with an average temperature of 10-15 degrees C. Under the influence of latitude and near the ocean, the climate here is not too hot or too cold. Especially, when coming to Queenstown city, visitors will have an interesting experience with the weather changing in 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter on the same day.

Save half the cost of flying

Travel to New Zealand this summer 2016, Vietnamese tourists will save half the cost of airfare. Specifically, New Zealand Airlines will open a direct route to Ho Chi Minh City with a frequency of 3 flights per week from June to the end of October, helping visitors to save the maximum cost and travel time.

Explore paradise on the ground

New Zealand is known by many beauties from “the heavenly paradise”, “the happiest country in the world” for many reasons. New Zealand cities are often ranked highly in the list of the most livable places in the world by progressive infrastructure, health, education, and social welfare policies. Above all, the living environment here is very clean, with countless beautiful natural landscapes spread across the country. In particular, the tourist destinations in New Zealand are always exploited reasonably to not lose the wild beauty of nature.

Leave footprints, save images

Arrive in New Zealand, make sure the footsteps of visitors mark through many places. Arriving in Auckland – the city of sails, visitors can take in the 360-degree panoramic view from Sky Tower – the city icon, or walk on the Harbor Bridge, visit the beautiful Mission Bay.
Rotorua city in the North is characterized by the culture of the Maori tribe. People organize many activities related to this long-standing ethnic group. In addition to experiencing traditional activities, immersed in natural hot water pools, hot mineral mud is also a favorite activity here.

Don’t forget to visit Te Puke to visit the kiwi 360 farms to learn about the technology of growing, harvesting and processing this nutritious fruit. The hospitable farmers here will invite you to enjoy the fresh and cold sweet fruit that has just picked up on the branch. Besides, you will not stop admiring the observation of the work of shearing sheep, milking cows, watching the fun and lively sheepdogs in Agrodome shows.

Conquer the challenge at “adventure capital”

With many natural geographical advantages bestowed by New Zealand, it is hard to blame the people here who are passionate about sports and adventure activities. This is the place to produce bungy jumping and zorbing.

In addition, the country of kiwi also has many other sports and adventure activities built on the basis of facilities, safe infrastructure, suitable to the natural conditions of each tourist area such as boat trip over the river, kayaking, sightseeing from helicopters, parachuting, rock climbing, jungle trekking, horseback riding … In winter, Queenstown City becomes a huge ski area with skiing, ice skating, and sports activities, climbing is exciting, making the winter in New Zealand noisier than the summer day.

Understand what kiwis and kiwi are

Many people have recognized the New Zealand kiwi as the best in the world. But not many people know this fruit is named after the kiwi bird – New Zealand’s nationalist. The bird makes a “kiwi, kiwi” cry, has a round body with brown feathers, though it is flightless but has short, strong legs, runs fast at about 16 km / h. New Zealanders love this bird so proudly that “I am Kiwis”, it is understandable that “I am a New Zealander”. It may be due to the unique appearance, the gentle nature, and the strong vitality of this tiny bird very similar to the adventurous and adventurous character of the people here. Even the New Zealand dollar currency has the unofficial name of the Kiwi dollar.

Step into the fairy world “Lord of the Rings

New Zealand is known for its beautiful, fairy-like scenes in the Lord of the Rings movie and Hobbit. The town of Matamata attracts more than 36,000 visitors a year with the Hobbiton village in the movie. Even non-fans of the movie are fascinated by the semi-submerged architecture of the hills of hobbit houses. Each house has a different shape, unique and beautiful with circular doors. The house is fully furnished with cabinets, tables, and chairs, small teapot …

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