Korean Tourism – Nami Island: the idea for a romantic tour

Korean Tourism – With its lyrical and poetic natural scenery, especially famous for the filming of famous movies Winter Sonata, Nami Island is becoming an ideal tourist destination of Korea.

The center of the island is a spacious green lawn of 260,000 square meters surrounded by chestnut and birch trees. In addition, a zoo, a botanical garden, a large lake with small wooden boats and many entertainment areas will bring you a light feeling without being boring.

63km from the capital of Seoul to Chuncheon Province (south of Korea), the beautiful island of Nami is an ideal tourist destination. Nami is named after the famous general Nami, who had a great deal of rebellion in the 13th century. This semicircular island still has his large dome-shaped grave without any tourist being able to skip.
All wiring and cables are installed underground to ensure the most natural beauty for the island. The ban on cars also gives tourists a quiet and peaceful space absolutely, no engine noise, no smoke.

Here you can walk along the road with two rows of tall trees beside the people you love to enjoy the feeling of calmness, lightness and memorable moments or cycling to discover the poetic beauty around an island

The delegation of DL Hoan My on Nami Island, South Korea
Walking on the leafy road, even if you step slowly, you still startle your squirrels. Squirrels in Nami run and jump everywhere with all the colors: brown, gray, black, yellow stripes … Feelings of speed chasing after a squirrel to hunt pictures, how to step on the yellow leaf carpet is amazing.

In the autumn, the trees turn yellow leaves brightly to create a romantic setting, the weather is cold, enough for you to wear warm clothes, boots and a cute hat against cold. This is also the best time for visitors to Nami Island.

The statue of the two main characters in the film and their images flooded everywhere on the island – Photos

Squirrels predestined with tourists – Photo: Flickr
Winter, white patches of snow covered most of the island leaving only trails that disturbed people. Just turn horizontally into a roadside house, you can immediately enjoy the warmth of the outdoor fireplace that the owner set for passersby.

Encountering the clay figures of funny people on the road, turn to new guests to know that these are clean and clean public toilets, including English and Korean books on small shelves to see.

Hotels in Nami are designed according to romantic trends. Prices are quite high at the weekend. In it, Jeong Guan Ru Hotel – the place where the two main characters of Winter Sonata stayed while filming the film – was always closed because Nami was both brilliant and charming, both gentle and comfortable.

The most popular and popular dish around this area is fried chicken with fried cabbage, potatoes, carrots, and Korean chili sauce, accompanied by a series of chicken dishes.

Advice for you to go on crowded days like weekends is to walk from Gapyeong station to watch the scene and not get stuck in traffic.

Customers of Hoan My DL take photos with … idols

The romance for young people, peaceful memories for couples and loving attachment to every family has made Nami Island the ideal choice for travelers.

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