Experience the wonderful New Zealand Fall

In the autumn of New Zealand when the sky is blue and sunny as a poem, when it is heavy, it can make you remember the broken love. It makes your journey through many levels of peace. When adventurous, when slowly sitting pensive beside the tea and the book.

New Zealand autumn on both sides of the road yellow leaves

New Zealand is suitable for those who want to connect friends excitedly and at the same time have many separate corners for souls who like to be quiet and pensive. I just wandered through the towns, book a hostel, 1 or 2 nights and then got on the bus again to inspire “fate” to push me away.

The New Zealand frames I recorded, I also do not remember where I went, but hopefully will help you inspire the next step to enrich yourself.

A street corner

Beside sea

Family playing with gold leaves

Why should I travel to New Zealand?

1. Naturally, New Zealand is beautiful from the sea to the mountains, from the forest to the lake, New Zealand has few poisonous insects such as neighboring Australia, the cold weather is not too harsh, the peak season is January. March (Summer in the Southern Hemisphere) or 7,8,9 is winter. Generally New Zealand 4 seasons are beautiful, summer is quite crowded so the price is slightly higher than normal.

2. New Zealand is a paradise of adventure games: from paragliding, parachuting, bungy jumping, climbing, waterfall, horseback riding … These games have appeared for a long time so it is very safe. I participated in kayaking and climbing Via Ferrata felt very safe. The instructor has good and enthusiastic knowledge.

The best city to play these games is Queenstown. If you have been to Queenstown, remember to call Saigon Kingdom to eat Pho Saigon with New Zealand beef!

Grass flowers by the lake

Show off under the golden sunshine

The terrain is mountainous

3. If you like trekking climbing, in New Zealand everything is quite easy to climb and the lodge camp system is quite convenient for you to sleep, where there are tracks to go back in the day or 3 to 4 days. Signing up for this trekking party is quite easy, need to book in advance online.

4. Apple, milk, honey chocolate cake of New Zealand is quite cheap, good quality, so you can buy it as a gift or add energy on the way but the cost is not too high.

5. Have traveled a lot of countries but the road connecting Queenstown with Christchurch is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful routes I’ve ever traveled, some beautiful cities in this route are Glenorchy, Wanaka, Tekapo.


Some notes are that even when the season is not peak, many places of restaurants or hotels are fully booked. Some bus places are inconvenient and self-driving, so families with young children or elderly people who want to go should take note.

New Zealand weather can change quite suddenly, so be careful of cold jackets, hats and sunscreen.

To enjoy New Zealand, you should spend a lot of time for the South Island, go to places where wine vines are made, go for short trips because that’s the beauty of New Zealand.

There are two beautiful roads that go along the sea on the west side of the South Island or take the road from Christchurch to Queenstown to Tekapo.

One of the most beautiful places is around Wanaka, Glenorchy and Arowtown, which are located within 100km of Queenstown.

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