Travel Dubai – Miracles in Dubai

Dubai Travel – With four-way travelers, Dubai is now the land of miracles. They came to this Arab country to meet not only the dream of shopping but also to see the most magnificent man-made buildings in the world, unique marks in the early 21st century. Tourists admire the world’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa A…

Dubai – desert jewel

Dubai Tourism – Growing from the arid region of extremely harsh climatic conditions in Central Near East, the modern and prosperous city of Dubai proudly bears the name “Hong Kong of Persia Bay”. There exists a society with a diverse culture and harmony. Dubai is home to more than 600,000 people from many different races….

Travel Dubai – Attract Dubai museum

Looking down from above, millions of shimmering lights of the city make everyone eager to discover and experience in a kingdom considered the richest in the world. Hoan My visitors at Dubai Museum (December 2014) When it comes to Dubai today, most tourists think of this as a super-rich city with skyscrapers, seven-star hotels with…

Travel Dubai – Admire the luxury of a 7-star Sailboat hotel in Dubai

Travel Dubai – Currently, Boat Buom hotel does not allow tourists to pay for just visiting. Guests can eat buffet for about 150 USD and on this occasion visit the hotel. Both delegations to Burj Al Arab – the first 7-star hotel in the world… The design is sail-shaped, located right at the night bay….