American tourism – Brilliant nature in Yellowstone

Travel in America – Located in Wyoming state in the northwest of the United States, Yellowstone National Forest is famous as a world of magical landscapes with high mountains, deep pools, silver cascades …
The most special is the stream of water spraying up to 30, 40 meters high, colorful mineral springs, volcanoes occasionally spraying mud. In addition, the forest also has flocks of bears, bison herds, herds of antelopes … of course, living wild animals.

Virtual fountains spray

Covering an area of ​​about 9,000 square kilometers (more than four times the area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City) with lots of breathtaking views and outdoor sports, Yellowstone can hold visitors for several weeks. However, for anyone who only qualifies for “horseback riding”, three points cannot be ignored.

It is Old Faithful fountain – the most exotic natural landscape of this national forest, followed by rainbow-colored hot springs, the third is the lake and the majestic waterfalls in the Canyon.

The road took us to Old Faithful through the basin with many natural spray springs called geyser. A geyser is formed by the phenomenon of increasing pressure in hot underground water when the pressure is too high water will be shot up in the air through cracks in the surface.

Yellowstone has more than 300 geysers and none of them are like any other, there are sprinklers up to a few dozen meters high, there are only half a meter high spray but the water is always boiling, the smoke is rising.

The most famous in the geyser in Yellowstone is Old Faithful, the vertical spray nozzle is 30 to 50 meters high and the interval between the current two sprays is over 80 minutes.

Before going to Old Faithful, the whole group goes through the Low Geyser Basin area. There are dozens of hot water pools or mud coming out of the ground.

If the water in the pool is green, the soil is white or yellow. So for a moment, you will see that the Low Geyser Basin is like a salt field with white soil and no plants, there are only clumps of steam and smoke rising up.

All streams of hot water in Yellowstone have sulfur so there is always a characteristic odor in the air.

When we reached Old Faithful, the benches around this geyser were nearly full. Here the water is always boiling, but only high-cycle spraying. So there is almost an hour before Old Faithful comes to the “climax”.

In the meantime, the team enlisted to visit the hotel built in the world’s largest tree named Old Faithful Inn. This hundred-year-old architecture deserves to be called a work of art because of its both majestic and elegant beauty.

The building has almost no reinforced concrete but is only made of wood, the large woody stacks are stacked on top of each other to create walls, solid and warm floors. Old Faithful Inn looked massive from the outside, it was really overwhelming.

The spacious reception hall, the ceiling up to 20 meters high, looks through six floors, every floor is dense with rudimentary brown wooden pillars, the tables and chairs in the lobby are also very old wood.

The old hotel, a little more rusty but always very crowded because many people want to stay overnight to see the special decoration of the Far West last century.

After visiting the hotel, we followed the boardwalk which was taller than the ground to cross the white mud area to the stream. Arriving soon, a faucet from the ground suddenly shot straight at the sky with a height of about 40 meters.

Water sprayed continuously when low when high lasts about 2 minutes. The sound of the water was loud and mixed with the sound of cheering of visitors standing around. Old Faithful has a 35 to 120 minute break time and a 1 to 1.5 minute spray time.

Long rest periods when spraying will be long, but in one year this cycle does not change much, for example, this year every 80 minutes break, next year can rest 82 minutes. The fountain of activity stopped on time so people believed and gave it the name Old Faithful, meaning old belief.

Great blue and spring colors

The next hot spring is The Grand Prismatic Spring, America’s largest hot spring and the third largest in the world. The Grand Prismatic Spring leaves a special impression on visitors because of the colorful water like the rainbow.

The cause is due to the development of pigmented bacteria in the mineral-rich water. These bacterial mats create different colors, from green, orange to red.

The color of the stream also depends on the ratio of chlorophyll and the weather. In the summer, The Grand Prismatic Spring’s dominant color is orange and red. In winter, streams are mostly dark green.

In the middle of the stream, the temperature of the water is very high, so no living creatures can live. Yellowstone also has a mineral-rich hot spring on the hill called Mammoth Hot Springs.

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